"The new Battenkill Meadows homes in Manchester represent the very finest in thermal envelope efficiency and more. I am very impressed with these houses and hope they represent the coming trend in the building industry as we move toward a greener and more sustainable energy future."

-Jeff Manney, Project Manager
Efficiency Vermont

Vermont's Premier Sustainable Community

Through careful study the houses at Battenkill Meadows have been crafted to a new standard of energy efficiency in Vermont. Each home combines high performance building technology with traditional design to deliver optimum comfort at a reduced operating cost and minimal environmental impact.

Continual testing is performed during the construction process in order to insure that our high standard specifications are met. A NBP (Neutral Building Pressure) system is integrated into each home's mechanical system, providing healthy, comfortable indoor air quality.

A continuous thermal envelop, from below the basement slab, through the walls on up to the ridge, minimizes thermal bridging through careful insulating details. Rigid insulation, dense-packed cellulose, and soy-derived closed-cell bio-based foam all contribute to this remarkable building envelope.

Recycled denim sound insulation, locally sourced lumber and stone, and reclaimed brick all add to our sustainable design approach.